Product and image brochures, customer magazines, interviews with management, website content …

There are many forms in which you want to present technical or management topics. I know them and have served almost every form. Therefore, I can also advise you on what would be the right form for your company or what you should consider. For me, such consultations are part of the initial discussion of a joint project.

For publication I offer my own news and background portal However, over the many years of my work, I am also well connected with the editorial teams of the trade journals and online portals that are important to the industry and can help you find the right target medium. And my texts certainly look good on your homepage and can be used by your partners.

Of course, social media also play a big role in disseminating information these days. My preferred medium here is LinkedIn. It is characterized by good dissemination and, above all, excellent analysis of the results. Of course, I also use others upon request.

With me you get all this from one source. Not only the discussion and project partner at eye level, but also the communication of the content to your customers.

High Performance Computing

For the customer magazine betop of the Loh Group I was allowed to write a report about the Lefdal Mine Datacenter.

Industrie-Digitalisierung News

My news portal provides information about industrial software for specialists and decision makers.