A trade journalist who writes about your products and services

After my time as a toolmaker and later as a software engineer, I tested IT systems and wrote test reports as a technical journalist for a CAD/CAM trade magazine. And I made reports about first software applications in the industry.

I have been a freelance technical journalist since 1989. I wrote my first books about industrial software in the early nineties. This is the range of my offer: trade journalist and technical author. This offer is aimed at you and your company.

You have turned ideas into products and services. To market them, you need stories: good and easy to read or profound and highly informative. Addressed exactly to your target audience.

If your team – like many companies – lacks professional writers, why not take advantage of my offer? Whether as technical articles or case studies, whether in the form of other types of contributions for various media or entire books – this is exactly what my profession has been for more than 30 years. Use it.