What am I talking about?

You are looking for a speaker for an event of some size. What kind of speaker do you have in mind? What topic do you want him to cover? What do you expect from him?

If you want him to be familiar with digitalization, digital connection and artificial intelligence, with software and IT services in the business environment, especially in industry, then you’ve come to the right place. These have been my topics since the early eighties. In the practice of software development in industry, as a trade journalist, as an analyst and book author. And also as a speaker. These are my heart and head topics. No question can get me off track. And I always have that in my head, never on a manuscript, and less and less – if at all – I work with PowerPoint.

How do I speak?

Independently. I don’t treat any topic in the interest of any company, vendor, or consulting firm. I earn my living with my talks, writings, books and networking, not with commission. I don’t want to sell anything, I don’t want to pitch anything. I want to help my audience find their way in the jungle of the digital, connected, abstract and still for most people in many ways new and strange world. Without offering them a panacea. That’s what sets me apart from a great many speakers.

Overarching. Besides my neutrality, the biggest difference from other speakers is that I look at all the issues of engineering and technology in larger contexts. Society needs to know what is possible – for better or worse – so that it can shape its future. That’s true for healthcare as well as the savings bank, for the steel manufacturer as well as the white goods producer. When I speak, I span this arc, I take different perspectives and look at the issue from all sides. If technology can literally get under our skin, and it can today with a chip or instrument connected to the Internet, then we can no longer leave it to the technicians. And the conversation can no longer be limited to technology. From my talks, the audience takes away new things. New ideas, new approaches, new views of interrelationships they haven’t seen before.

Have a look

Behind most of the pictures are links to videos of speeches, part in in German, part in English, in Europe and in Asia, between a few minutes and almost an hour, in front of a camera and in front of up to more than a thousand people. So you can get an impression yourself.



Pictures from top to bottom:
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1. Discussion with employees and management of Wonderful Group in Dongguan
2. Keynote at the SAP Forum in Taipei
3. Video on the topic of digital agora in “The web of digitalization
4. Keynote Industrial Internet Global Summit Shenyang
5. Closing keynote at the AI-Marktpatz Launch Event of it’s OWL in Paderborn
6. Lecture on Industry 4.0 at the Heinrich Böll Foundation
7. 5-minute statement on Industry 4.0 on the podium at the ABB Technology Forum

Diskussion Wonderful Group Dongguan
Video Digitale Agora
Keynote Shenyang 2019