Keynote Speaker for Digital Industry

Digitalization doesn’t work in industry like it does in other areas of business and society. Get an expert with an industry background who gets to the point and talks to industry audiences at eye level.

Digital twin, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence – Ulrich Sendler has written books about this. On stage, he turns it into the stuff in kind of entertaining conversation, from which the audience takes away knowledge.

As a freelance trade journalist, book author and networker, he has accompanied industry and its IT suppliers for three decades. As a keynote speaker, he shares his wealth of experience as if it were a travelogue.

Making digital palatable

Digital is abstract, hard to imagine and hard to understand? Unless you can draw from a wealth of experience and know what digital does in real life in industry and what industry can do differently with it.

Ulrich Sendler is a toolmaker and precision mechanics engineer who has programmed CAD software and tested systems. As a keynote speaker, he really brings the digital to life.

Digitalization is complex. Especially in industry. Ulrich Sendler helps his audience find their way through the jungle of the digital and connected world and understand artificial intelligence as a new tool, not as a panacea or replacement for human intelligence.

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Whether small groups or a thousand people, a few minutes or an hour, German or English, in Europe, USA or Asia. Some videos as examples.

Diskussion Wonderful Group Dongguan

Discussion with employees and management of Wonderful Group in Dongguan

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  • Keynote AI-Marketplace Paderborn 2021
  • Keynote Industrial Internet Global Summit Shenyang 2019
  • Keynote SAP Forum Taipei 2018
  • Industrie 4.0 Böll Foundation 2016
  • I 4.0 ABB Technology Forum 2016
Keynote Shenyang 2019