For many years now I have been on stages and in front of an audience of all sizes. This ranges from the moderation of a roundtable or conference, lectures at universities and in the industry to keynote lectures in front of 1,500 participants, as in May 2018 in Taiwan. Perhaps it will help a bit, that I've been looking for the stage performances again and again as a singer-songwriter since my youth. Anyway, it's fun, and I think the participants in the events feel this and appreciate it.

With my book "The web of digitalization - Mankind in upheaval - On the way to a new vision of the world" I have now entered new territory. Not only do I turn to the technicians, computer scientists and technologists, but also, of course, with my theses and analyzes I want to reach all those who are not indifferent to their future in the digital world. It gives me the impression that the decades of my involvement with the digitalization of industrial processes makes a very special difference to many of the speeches and talk show contributions that currently flicker across the flat and touchscreens.

Humanity has prepared the ground for a reorganization of society and the economy with computers and the Internet, artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data analytics and cloud technology. Throwing my knowledge into the ring and discussing it with everyone who also feels that we do not really know where we're heading - that's what I'm always capable of. Write me or call me.

TV interview in Jinan China - Diskussion Keynote at SAP Forum Taipei

Interview in Jinan 2016 / Inventec workshop with 120 staff, Taipei 2015 (Photograph: Inventec) / Keynote at SAP Forum in Taipei 2018