Speaking Is Fun

I like talking to people. Individually, in groups, there can be many. Around 1,500 people attended my keynote speech at the SAP Forum in Taipei in 2018. It is essential that they enjoy listening. But having a talk with them is more important to me. Regardless of their number.

I'm a toolmaker and precision engineer. In the early days I was an NC programmer, and for several years a software developer in industry – my professional life's theme is the digitalization of industrial product development and production. For decades as an intensive observer and analyst. I see myself as an interpreter who translates what engineers and IT specialists do.

Now, with the Internet of Things, digitalization and everything being connected have become topics that interest or should interest everyone. Society wants to understand what it needs to shape. That's where it's good to know your way around this debate.

I can talk best in person with or in front of people. Of course, I can also do it with an intermediary camera. Live or via video.

 China - Diskussion Keynote at SAP Forum Taipei ABB Panel 2016

From left: Inventec workshop with 120 staff, Taipei 2015 (Photograph: Inventec) / Keynote at SAP Forum in Taipei 2018 / Video from Panel at ABB Zurich, 2016