The sendlercircle looks back on many years of highly interesting discussion rounds that have always revolved around the development of digital technology in the industry. Now we are looking for new discussion partners. To this end, we are also opening up to non-members, who will expand our circle in small numbers for a participation fee.

sendlercircle Irsee

sendlercircle 2011 in Kloster Irsee

We’ve been a community of conversation and interest around software in the industry for 28 years now, and we don’t get bored one bit.

Why is the circle so lively? Probably because mutual trust has been just as central to us from the very beginning as the burning issues on which top-class speakers come at every meeting.

Generational changes, the consolidation of this particular IT sector, and a whole flood of technological upheavals have now led to the idea of very specifically supplementing the circle of members at each meeting with a few additional participants who are active in this field of application and have something in mind. The number 15 has proven to be a good target. That’s how many we were at the first meeting in 1995, and whenever we were about that many, there were the most interesting debates involving everyone.

We are looking for people who enjoy exchanging ideas with others about the burning issues in the industry. People who enjoy communicating with interesting partners. People who feel the need to participate because they know that the best ideas often don’t grow in their own heads alone, but in exchanges among partners and triggered by interesting thoughts from experts.

Digital transformation, sustainability and reduction of the CO2 footprint, saving energy and resources, manufacturing in batch size 1, systems engineering, lifecycle management of data, artificial intelligence in industry – we won’t run out of topics anytime soon.

Attendance at the one-day event, followed by dinner and networking, is not conditional on seeking permanent membership. If participation leads to such a desire, we are of course delighted. It is worthwhile: In addition to the meetings, the members have a common hub in the sendlercircle, through which they can exchange information at any time and through which they can also go public together in order to set and occupy trends and topics with their own statements. Like the definition of the term PLM in 2004 in the form of the Liebenstein Theses. That was us.

As locations we like to choose monasteries or other nice meeting places in pleasant surroundings. Meetings should also be fun. And if possible, we organize a short hike after breakfast in the morning after the meeting for those who want to and do not already have to go to a next appointment.

Our next sendlercircle will take place on September 18, 2023 in Hamburg. On our agenda so far:

  • Dr. Jørgen Schiønning Larsen, CEO and founder of PDM technology:
    Bluestar PLM, fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics F&SCM, is now on the market in Germany. Presentation of company and solution approach.
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stark, TU Berlin:
    Artificial intelligence in industry, especially in engineering, a view from research.
  • Christian Wilkens, Group Manager Digitalization at BGE Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung mbH:
    Does final storage also have to do with BIM? And to what extent does PLM come into play?

If we have aroused your curiosity, please get in touch with me personally soon. Via contact on this page or via LinkedIn. There is only a limited number of possible participants.