Aug 2017

Humanity in upheaval

The digital is on the rise. Global. And at the same time, we are experiencing a rebirth of nationalism, authoritarian rulers, violence, terror and war. Is there any coherence?

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Oct 2016

Speech at Heinrich Böll Foundation

The Heinrich Böll Foundation, which is close to the Green Party, had invited to Berlin, joined by the federal association of Green entrepeneurs and the association of Green unionists. The topic of the seven-hour session: "Update in the operating system - Good work and ecological management in the digital future". I was asked as a keynote speaker to look into the future and explain the role of Industrie 4.0. This half-hour speech was recorded and can be seen here: Video in German

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Jul 2016

New book on Industrie 4.0

I published my first book on Industrie 4.0 2013 as proceedings of the Industrial Summit Feldafing. Three years later, there is a second: "Industrie 4.0 unleashed" is currently being produced at Springer and expected to hit the market in autumn. It is not simply a remake. The preface states: "It is to some extent a political book on the industry of the future and dares some looks back at the history of the industrial revolution (s) because the knowledge of where we come from, we do best understand where the path may lead us."

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Feb 2016

A year of first experience with China

A year of first experience with China
Once Taipei, Taiwan, for lecture and workshop, twice Peoples Republic of China for lectures and interviews in Beijing, Jinan and Sanya - 2015 was for me a year of intensive familiarization and immersion into an unknown world. What is of interest for the Chinese government and industry in our campaign "Industrie 4.0"? What means "Made in China 2025"? Are there potential synergies in the cooperation of the two initiatives? And how could that look like? I am far from having the answers. But a first idea I have.

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Dec 2015

Chinese Xmas with Industrie 4.0

At the invitation of Xinhuanet, I am again holding presentations in China on December 23 and 25.  There appears to be a great deal of interest, particularly in my new book "Industrie 4.0 – unleashed", which is already being written and will be published next Spring. Meanwhile, the sales figures for the first book, translated into Chinese in 2014, will be approaching the 200,000 mark by the end of the year.

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