May 2021

I Have A Dream: Digital Industry Circle

The digitalization of industry demands that we embark on a new path never before taken in the industry: from tangible to intangible value creation. To do this, the right people must come together to do what is necessary, together. That is my dream. It is achievable.

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Apr 2021

Industry Policy - The Time is Pressing

Germany is a strong industrial location. The products are good. We are far ahead. But we could soon be facing the same situation as the USA and Great Britain: Industrial wasteland and, as a result, a deeply divided society. If we do nothing.

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Aug 2020

The system, the system - stirring it is uncomfortable

The system is on everyone's lips. There is skeptical, angry, defensive, glorifying or contemptuous discussion. But it is not questioned on principle. Even the skepticism that spreads also in the bourgeois milieu is despised. Yet there are good reasons to question this system in principle.

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Aug 2020

The AI Compass is on sale

My book on artificial intelligence (AI) in industrial applications is printed. It wants to be a compass for decision-makers in industry, because all companies are currently confronted with the topic of AI, but the knowledge about it is scarce almost everywhere.

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May 2020

The System And The Change It Needs Now

Corona's spinning everything upside down. If we don't wait until the whirled up things settle down exactly the same way as before, this offers mankind a great chance. But this opportunity must be seized. by all of us. And as long as major debates cannot take place in person, we have digital networking. But the change we need will not come automatically. For the climate, for digitalization, for health and for our cooperation and being together.

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