Jul 2019

The Debate On Digitalization Is Developing

It took a while, but now there are more and more requests for lectures on the book "Das Gespinst der Digitalisierung". And all the talks in larger and smaller groups confirm how many questions from all strata of society are open when it comes to the digital future.

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Apr 2019

A video blog and the debate

Since April 6, 2019, there will be a video every Sunday, with which I will address individual topics from the book. The first reactions are positive. Over a thousand clicks on a corresponding post in LinkedIn alone.

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Mar 2019

At the book fair Leipzig and two reviews

Even though the book has not been mentioned in national newspapers or other media so far and is – maybe just for this reason – hardly to be found in the bookstores, there are already numerous debates that I could initiate with it.

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Mar 2019

Digitalization interests everyone

Discussions at book presentations and reactions of individual media, readers and companies show that my latest book "The web of digitalization" hits a nerve. The question of what kind our future digital society should be, obviously occupies all layers.

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Feb 2019

Overcrowded discussion event in Hannover

With 140 participants on Tuesday, February 12, more came to the discussion event, than were able to find seats. The Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation and the Forum for Politics and Culture had invited to the restaurant "Zeitfür" in the state parliament of Hanover to discuss my book "The web of digitalization" with me. The Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung had previously announced the event prominently.

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