Oct 2018

First Reactions On The New Book

"The Web of Digitalization" has some initial successes, especially in the sense that it is my first popular science book as an author, previously only known as a specialist author about industry software. In the first two months or so, "The Web …" had 3,434 downloads, compared to an annual average of 2018 within ten months for popular science books of 4,541. An amazing value.

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Oct 2018

Book Presentation at CLAAS Green House

On October 9, I was able to present my new book "The Web Of Digitalization" at the CLAAS Green House in Harsewinkel. More than 60 participants from all areas of the company came to the 'Greenhouse of Ideas' to discuss the background and challenges of the digital revolution.

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Aug 2018

The Web of Digitalization (original: "Das Gespinst der Digitalisierung")

A year ago at this place I told you that I would be writing a book on this big theme. Now it's done and the eBook is already available at Springer. So if you're able to read German language, I would appreciate your feedback. Up to now there is no plan to have the book also in English.

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Aug 2017

Humanity in upheaval

The digital is on the rise. Global. And at the same time, we are experiencing a rebirth of nationalism, authoritarian rulers, violence, terror and war. Is there any coherence?

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Oct 2016

Speech at Heinrich Böll Foundation

The Heinrich Böll Foundation, which is close to the Green Party, had invited to Berlin, joined by the federal association of Green entrepeneurs and the association of Green unionists. The topic of the seven-hour session: "Update in the operating system - Good work and ecological management in the digital future". I was asked as a keynote speaker to look into the future and explain the role of Industrie 4.0. This half-hour speech was recorded and can be seen here: Video in German

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