The Debate On Digitalization Is Developing


It took a while, but now there are more and more requests for lectures on the book "Das Gespinst der Digitalisierung". And all the talks in larger and smaller groups confirm how many questions from all strata of society are open when it comes to the digital future.

On Saturday, July 13, I was invited to a salon discussion in Regensburg. After a half hour lecture, there was a lively debate, ranging from the possibilities of connected city states instead of one nation, the treatment of job cuts for various reasons (climate, digitalization), the right training for and use of digitalization, to the evaluation of the platform economy.

At the end of July, at a closed customer event of Dassault Systèmes, I will give a keynote lecture on digitalization and the challenges posed by the increasing importance of intelligent systems in industrial engineering.

MESCONF 2019On August 27, as already announced, there will be an evening on the subject of the book at the Aktionskreis Energie in Berlin Steglitz-Zehlendorf on the calendar. On September 12, I will be on the agenda of the MESCONF 2019 in Munich with a lecture on digitalization, a conference on modeling embedded systems. On September 18th and 25th I will give the opening lecture at the Customer Days 2019, the customer events of ICP Solution in Zurich and Cologne. And on November 27, the Evangelische Bildungswerk Regensburg is inviting to a book presentation of "Das Gespinst ..." followed by a discussion.

Youtube Playlist of videos on the bookMy videos on individual topics of the book are collected in a playlist called "Das Gespinst der Digitalisierung" on Youtube. I will finish them shortly. Every week a few hundred and in some cases more than a thousand visitors took the opportunity to get a part of what has been rolled out to 300 pages in the book in just a few minutes.

Further participations in discussion meetings and congresses are still in the planning. The first opportunities for active participation are also opening up in political projects revolving around digitalization. This will have to be reported on. Perhaps after the summer.

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