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My book "KI-Kompass für Entscheider" on artificial intelligence (AI) in industrial applications is printed. It wants to be a compass for decision-makers in industry, because all companies are currently confronted with the topic of AI, but the knowledge about it is scarce almost everywhere.

KI-Kompass Hardcover at HanserSo it is not a book that praises AI to the skies and promises the potential users down there the blue. It grounds and helps to realistically assess the great promise that is actually associated with it and to weigh up the opportunities and risks for one's own company.

It also explains the difference between industrial AI and what has been spreading as AI over the last decade or two, making our lives easier every day via mini touch screens or PC monitors, when it's not really annoying. Industrial AI is different, is used differently, needs different training, has different purposes. And that's why - and the reader learns this too in the AI compass - all the talk about Silicon Valley and the Chinese Internet giants having left us behind long ago is very far from the truth.

In addition to the many things worth knowing, which are rather hard to find in the usual AI works, the AI Compass also offers very practical information: ABB, Siemens, Dassault Systèmes, it's OWL and the Machine Tool Laboratory of RWTH Aachen University have contributed chapters of their own, which give a good impression of what is already possible and what needs to be taken into account when following such examples.

As an author, I have learned during my research, during numerous discussions with experts in the industry and with IT providers, that it is once again like so often when a new trend prevails: The murmur on the market, what could be solved with AI in just a few years, does not even begin to match what can actually be expected. And at the same time, much more has been possible for some time now than the sceptics could even imagine.

The use of industrial AI also leads to distortions that are only gradually becoming apparent. Cloud- and edge-based AI works almost exclusively within the framework of new business models based on the platform economy. This should also be addressed by those who want to use or offer corresponding solutions.

After writing this book, I feel that I am ready to bring the topic to life in the spoken word. If possible, again in personal lectures, but I will also deal with individual aspects in the form of small videos, as I did with my last book, "Gespinst der Digitalisierung" ("The Web of Digitalization"). So you may feel doubly invited: to acquire the book and to secure important know-how about it, and to invite me to present to you personally my view of the sense and nonsense, benefits and dangers of the new technology. I look forward to it.

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