Overcrowded discussion event in Hannover


With 140 participants on Tuesday, February 12, more came to the discussion event, than were able to find seats. The Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation and the Forum for Politics and Culture had invited to the restaurant "Zeitfür" in the state parliament of Hanover to discuss my book "The web of digitalization" with me. The Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung had previously announced the event prominently.

Introductory speechAfter an introductory impulse speech it got straight to the point. Dr. Constanze Kurz, IGM and Managing Director of the General Works Council at Bosch, Marc Bovenschulte, head of the Institute for Innovation and Technology, Berlin, under the moderation of Initiator Dr. Arno Brandt, Chairman of the Political and Cultural Forum, discussed with me the theses from my recent book. (On the picture below from the left: Dr. Arno Brandt, Ulrich Sendler, Dr. Constanze Kurz, Dr. Marc Bovenschulte) Finally, many people from the audience took part in the open and very constructive debate.

The Panel (from the left: Dr. Arno Brandt, Ulrich Sendler, Dr. Constanze Kurz, Dr. Marc Bovenschulte)Can we trust that digitalization in industry will quickly enough lead to new jobs, where old ones will disappear? How must school and university change? Does Germany have a chance against the overpowering players in Silicon Valley and China? Maybe because of the strengths of the local industry and the strength of democracy? Is a government infrastructure for the secure use of the Internet and access to knowledge and social networking a viable solution? As always, when I talk to people since the publication of the new book, there was no topic left out.

The societal impact of digital networking is so extensive that it still needs many such debates, until also the responsible people in politics and business, consider the necessary design measures for the digital future.

(photos with friendly permission of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, Niedersachsen)

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