First Reactions On The New Book


"The Web of Digitalization" has some initial successes, especially in the sense that it is my first popular science book as an author, previously only known as a specialist author about industry software. In the first two months or so, "The Web …" had 3,434 downloads, compared to an annual average of 2018 within ten months for popular science books of 4,541. An amazing value.

Book presentation in KEMIn week 38, it was voted book of the week by the Library of the Evangelische Medienhaus. KEM from Konradin Verlag, one of my PLMportal partners, posted a book recommendation on September 28th. And in October, KEM Systems Engineering 2/2018 published an article "Towards a New Worldview" by me about the book, which will be followed by a second one in February 2019. (To download the article).

And now there are some occasions coming up when I can engage in public discussion with my theses. On the morning of the 7th of November in Berlin I am on the panel of the event organized by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung "Digital Capitalism - All Power to the Corporations?". I am in discussion there with Reiner Hoffmann, the chairman of the union DGB, with the chairman of the monopoly commission Achim Wambach, the digital policy spokeswoman Christina Kampmann, MdL NRW, and Henning Tillmann, member of the board D64 Center for Digital Progress.

On the 8th of November, I will be discussing at the Lüneburg Talks, also organized by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, with MdL Andrea Schröder-Ehlers and Prof.em. Dr. Wolfgang Kilian on "Everything Digital - Challenges of Digitalization for Data Protection".

On February 12, 2019, the "Forum for Politics and Culture" in Hannover invited me to a book presentation.

Given the fact that the book is only on the market since September and has not yet been mentioned by any national newspaper or even on television, I find these first signals very encouraging. What I hear from the feedback of the first readers is, above all, the astonishment at the seemingly quite isolated idea that they take with me from my book that digitalization actually questions our entire economic and social system so fundamentally that all the well-known methods of analysis for example from the national economy may not work. Thinking within the limits of the capitalist mode of production hardly allows this idea. The more exciting the upcoming debates will be for me.

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