Chinese Xmas with Industrie 4.0


At the invitation of Xinhuanet, I am again holding presentations in China on December 23 and 25. There appears to be a great deal of interest, particularly in how China can, as quickly as possible, catch up with the enormous lead possessed by German industry. My new book "Industrie 4.0 – unleashed" will also deal with this topic. It's already being written and will be published next Spring. Meanwhile, the sales figures for the first book, which was translated into Chinese in 2014, will be approaching the 200,000 mark by the end of the year. The latest sales figures are 196,000.

Buchverkauf in Deutschland und China

Number of books sold in Germany and China by the end of 2015.

The goal of the Chinese Government, namely to make China the No. 1 industrial nation by 2049, is set high. This could be of great concern to us, because China is not simply making big claims, it is going about achieving these ambitious goals in a serious manner. Major opportunities for us, however, are hidden in this development.
We have a great deal of knowhow that is important to Chinese industry and China has an almost unlimited reservoir of people hungry for life and knowledge who are bursting with energy.  What about having both Germany and China consider opening the door to Germany for such people? And if in China new enterprises open up under the auspices of Industrie 4.0, would that not be a way of piloting, from the ground up, an end-to-end digital company with an IT chain operating across the entire value creation process?

I see here a development opportunity that could profit both sides enormously. Both of the sides must, however, pursue Industrie 4.0 and the Internet of Things seriously and quickly and look not just at the flexibility and efficiency of the production process.


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