Book presentation and discussion at the Borstei


The book presentation at the Borstei in Munich on January 24, 2019 brought together an interesting audience. With 30 participants, all social classes were represented. My friend, the computer scientist Hartmut Streppel, had taken over the moderation and discussion.

Introducing with the guitar luteIntroduced with a song on the guitar lute (photo Andreas S. Müller), I presented in about 40 minutes, what I have tried to achieve with "The Web Of Digitalization". A classification of digitalization as third in the history of mankind revolutions, and the great challenge it now poses to society, the state and the legal system, to shape the social system, science and education so that digital networking does not drive us away from democracy, but leads us to new shores of a human civilization.

Big interest in presentation and discussionThe subsequent one-hour discussion showed that the topic is currently talked of like no other. From the use of the Internet in China to the deindustrialization in the US and the UK, the yellow vests in France and the populist government in Italy, to education and schooling for the digital future and, of course, the threat of unemployment in countless occupations - there was no issue that was not touched. (photo Andreas S. Müller)

On Tuesday, the 12th of February, there will be a presentation with a larger-scale discussion by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the Forum for Politics and Culture in Hanover.

In the meantime, I am convinced that, in addition to the "Web Of Digitalization", a provocative "debates book" must also make it into the book trade in order to conduct this discussion in the required breadth. This will be my project this year.

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