At the book fair Leipzig and two reviews


Even though the book has not been mentioned in national newspapers or other media so far and is – maybe just for this reason – hardly to be found in the bookstores, there are already numerous debates that I could initiate with it.

Presentation at the book fair LeipzigAt the Book Fair Leipzig 2019, I was able to present my current book at the forum popular sciences on Friday, March 22, with the support of my reader Dr. Sabine Kathke at Springer. All seats were occupied, and quite a few visitors listened standing, with a total of 60 to 80 participants. More than a dozen of my books were sold during and after the book launch.

The discussions that followed dealt with questions such as: What are the most important issues that need to be addressed immediately? What can we do to secure work for the people who work today as unskilled or semi-skilled workers? How can industry create a better, "softer" path to digitalization than the US and the UK have shown us? Two tweets by Springer give snapshots of the book presentation (Twitter 1, Twitter 2).

In two media, two different lengthy reviews of my book are already online, which appear printed in the next print editions. The shorter in the Informatik Spektrum, the longer in the journal Wirtschaftsinformatik & Management 2019, both at Springer Verlag. They come from the evangelical theologian Dr. Gustav Rosenstein from Regensburg. I find them particularly interesting, because it's not an IT specialist or industry expert who writes here, but a humanities scholar. His statement shows clearly how necessary the interdisciplinary debate is and how fruitful it can be.

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