A video blog and the debate


Since April 6, 2019, there will be a video every Sunday, with which I will address individual topics from the book. The first reactions are positive. Over a thousand clicks on a corresponding post in LinkedIn alone.

I wrote a book about digitalization. Since it was actually obvious to announce it digitally. In the generation of my children you look for videos on Youtube, if any question interests you. For me that was not at all self-evident. But it seems sensible. Of course, I am a beginner here. The videos are allowed to get even better. A little more professional. We’ll see about that. There is a channel under my name for songs and some lectures for some time, now there is also a special playlist for the video blog "The Web of Digitalization." I simply number the posts as they appear. Here the link to the playlist Das gespinst der Digitalisierung

My book was recommended in issue 4/2019 of Recht der Wirtschaft (click on the image to open the PDF file in German). At the prostep ivip symposium of this year, the book was presented to the German speaking referees as a present.

Invitation to Aktionskreis Energie in BerlinThe Aktionskreis Energie in Berlin Steglitz-Zehlendorf, headed by Peter Schrage-Aden, invited me to a discussion event on August 27.

It is not easy to discuss the book and the topic of digitalization in general. Many people seem to make a bow out of fear of techniques and technology. But the debate is starting. I am available to participate, with or without lecture.

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