Networking people with people

Human & machine interfaces have become more commonplace than human-to-human connections these days. The pandemic has only made this trend more apparent. It was already there before.

However, it is precisely this human networking without which nothing will succeed in industry and its often-invoked digital transformation. This personal networking has a very high priority in my work.

Time and again, I come across topics in which many people are very active. But they don’t even know each other. Or they all speak their special languages and don’t understand each other. Often, individual groups are supported by associations or organizations, but they only have the respective group on their umbrella. This applies to society as a whole, and especially to industry.

The ever-increasing complexity of products, industrial processes, and product-based services demands that these subject-specific, industry-specific, and organizational islands be linked together. Language is the only means available to humans for this purpose. In this context, digital support through online media is good and important, but if the real conversation from eye to eye is missing, then this can also lead to a loss of reality.

That’s why I’m always active as an initiator of new networks. And as a result of decades of work, I am proud of a very extensive network of people from a wide range of disciplines and expertise that I can count on.

The Feldafing Industry Summit – System Leadership 2030 2013 at Siemens’ Global Leadership Center was one example of such initiatives. The Think Tank Digital Industry, to which I invited eleven high-profile experts in 2021, was another. The sendlercircle, which has existed since 1995, is the oldest and most enduring.

If you are looking for someone to organize such networking, if you have an idea for a network – get in touch with me.

Industriegipfel Feldafing

Impressions from Industriegipfel Feldafing in 2013