Weaving threads

Auf dem Industriegipfel Feldafing mit Reiner Schönrock, Martin Eigner und Mathias MondToday everyone is talking about networking and all kinds of social networks have been whipping up a storm about it. For me, however, networking has always been a way of life. Without the huge number of threads that connect me to so many people, I simply could not do my work – and I wouldn't enjoy my leisure time.

Professionally, I'm primarily active in XING and LinkedIn. I also have a more private presence in Facebook and Twitter, but this does not yet represent my strongest side.

My PLMportal also connects me to the community of engineering specialists in the industry. There can be found the PLM specialists and the professors, along with their institutes. And finally, numerous IT and service providers involved in engineering software.

In the sendler\circle, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2015, the permanent members are IT and service providers and individual professors as well as industry representatives participate as external presenters.


Photo left: Discussion with Reiner Schoenrock and Mathias Mond during the Feldafing 2013 Industry Summit meeting. In the background is Prof. Martin Eigner. (Photograph: Christoph A. Hellhake)