Strings and songs

For head and heart

I've been playing guitar since 1968 and the violin for over four years before that. I taught myself to play the guitar and sometimes asked good guitarists to help me on for a while. What resulted is a very special way of playing the guitar and I also have transferred this to the German lute.

Almost always I write the lyrics and then the music, except of course for the few instrumental pieces I've composed. Up until recently, I composed only using my ear and my memory because across 40 years I've forgotten how to read musical scores. I compose by singing and playing and I play a new song repeatedly until I know it inside out.

Sometimes I find lovely poems that either don't have a melody, or one I don't know. Then I make my own songs using these.

Mit Gitarre in LaimIm Piazza Linda 2007

You can hear me live but only on occasion, since the opportunity of a live stage performance is very rare in Munich. Or listen to me on myspace or on YouTube in a performance at Wein Feldmann in Munich. Or perhaps even on this page if I manage to record a few more songs with a video camera!

Performance at the Vienna Culture Saloon Feldmann in 2013, YouTube