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A journalist and book author, a presenter, an event host and a networker

Also a musician and a songwriter – a person with many interests

Industrie 4.0 and IoT

Digitalization has now enveloped industry. The German "Industrie 4.0" initiative was the first attempt to find answers to the challenges this poses.

However industry across the globe needs the Internet of Things, so what opportunities does this offer – and to whom? What are the risks? What can we do? What's coming down the line?



Since January 2012 I have been running an independent news portal dealing with product lifecycle management (PLM).

It offers many interesting links to IT and service providers and to universities and contains a great deal of fundamental information on the subject of engineering software, in which I have been at home for more than 30 years.



Feelings and emotions have little place in technology. At least this is usually so. But in music, they take center stage.

I write many of my songs myself but even in the Italian or English songs that I adapt, feelings and thoughts are in the foreground. I sing these accompanied by the guitar or lute and I love to sing them in public – if I can find a stage.